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Where creativity comes to grow!

EPI Creative provides comprehensive marketing communication services with a fluid approach.

Our service offering is underpinned by quality and a 100% client-focused approach to service. In everything we do, we strive to meet, and even exceed, client expectations.

The ‘EPI’ in our name is an acronym for our core principles:


Whilst still a young company, we comprise a team of professionals who have all achieved excellence and extensive tenure in their own area of expertise.

The core team is supported by a wide range of freelancers who share EPI Creative’s passion for producing excellence.

Our Services


Creative work has the power to inspire, captivate, and connect people in ways that words alone cannot.

  • Graphic Design
  • Layout of documents
  • Illustrations
  • Branding
  • Logo and CI development
  • Printing and production
  • Websites
  • Infographics

Corporate Communication

Effective corporate communication is the key to building strong relationships with clients, customers, and stakeholders, and establishing trust in your brand.

  • Research (where required) and development of original copy
  • Proof reading and editing of existing copy
  • PR & Media Liaison
  • Strategy, content development, design and implementation of:
    1. Advertising activities and campaigns
    2. Internal communication
    3. External Communication
    4. Social media
  • Integrated reporting
  • Metrics and measurement of corporate communication activities

Signage & Branding

Corporate clothing and signage are more than just branding tools; they are powerful ways to showcase professionalism and make a lasting impression.

  • Corporate clothing, including safety wear, caps, jackets, etc.
  • Corporate gifts sourced locally or internationally, including custom products and branding
  • Material and PVC banners
  • Production and installation of all indoor and outdoor signage
  • Custom solutions

Media Production

Media production brings ideas to life, creating compelling visuals and stories that engage and resonate with audiences.

  • Photography (corporate and private)
  • Videography (capturing of events and corporate/promotional videos)
  • Post-production and editing
  • Drone photography and videography
  • Timelapse videography
  • Music scores
  • Animation of static footage

Tailor made by us, for you!

Branches in Gauteng and Western Cape